Jordan Series Drogue Chainplates

Below are two sizes of chain plate. Click the image to view full size and then save image. One using 6 bolts and another using 8. We don’t know exactly at what point you’d want to use the larger version but for a 17t boat like Shadowfax we went with 8 as shown in the photo. You can adjust the overhand accordingly to remove the chance of chaffe on stern equipment. We wanted a fairly large overhand due to our davits and Hydrovane but less is best ideally.

Above: Fitting the chain plates on the hull!

Above: Reinforcing the hull where the chain-plates are attached. Temperature and humidity controlled when using epoxy!

Above: We reinforced the hull from the inside with additional epoxy and matting prior to fitting a large stainless backing place.

Above: Here are our 8 bolt chainplates attached. Not the overhang is quite large due to our davits and Hydrovane. If you can, less overhand is better.

Above: Note the large plastic pipe I have over the first part of the bridle to eliminate any chance of chafe should the boat veer off to one side significantly. In my experience this didn’t happen but its good to know the protection is there.

Above: I specifically wanted Hard Eyes on the bridles as I felt standard open versions were a chafe risk. Note also the Crosby G2140 Shackles with a SWL of 7T and a breaking strength of around 25T. That is more than sufficient according to Don Jordan’s specifications which say each bridle should be capable of taking 50% of the boats displacement. Our boat is 17T.

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