Tim is full of energy, ideas and a highly self-driven character.
He has been sailing since he was 6 years old, beginning with laser dinghies and progressing on to racing slightly larger boats with his dad. Having delved in the world of entrepreneurship since completing university, his main goal for starting businesses was to do exactly this: sail around the world. Alongside this to fosters his love for exploration and the outdoors – choosing to experience it with a range of pursuits: rock climbing, mountaineering, ski touring, sailing, white water kayaking, speedflying, paragliding, trail running, caving, and scuba diving. His bare bum is possibly more well-known than his face.


Emmie is a mixed media artist whose inspiration comes from journeys, mystical tales and the eclectic architecture she has encountered. She has exhibited globally from New York to Shanghai and continues to take inspiration from the sea and the mountains. When not sailing she can be found anywhere from the Himalayas, Uzbekistan, Guatemala, Argentina or Cuba! More info: www.EmmieVB.com