Why are we sailing away?

Reactions towards our trip are mixed…most people we speak to are excited for us, maybe a little jealous, some are frightened, and say we are either brave – or stupid. That said, Tim and I try to remember why we are doing this; why we have decided to leave the comfort of our home, our work, our friends, and families.

Being in our early-to mid-30s, while most of our friends are getting married, starting families, and buying houses, we decided it was time to try a different lifestyle and see the world. We don’t belong to the ‘Quit Your Job, Follow Your Dreams, See the World’ genre; we don’t believe in just letting go of everything we built up over the years, and this goes true for work relationships, friends, and other connections that keep us rooted.

It was Tim’s lifelong dream to set sail and explore, while my dream always involved travel and making a difference. Together, we change this perception of a ‘trip’ into a ‘lifestyle’. We challenge ourselves to live a life where we will feel more connected to the natural environment, because we feel a responsibility towards it.

We are excited to see how we handle living in close quarters over long periods of time, catching up on unread books, unpractised hobbies, learning new skills, and honing old ones. We are excited to take you with us on this journey, keep in touch and let the adventures begin!!!